After the massive success that was Ireland’s first ever Virtual Beer Festival, we went back for Round 2! This time we welcomed Blacks Brewery, Ballykilcavan, Dead Centre, Hope, Hopfully, Lineman, Rascals and Wicklow Brewery, all while enjoying their beers.

If you couldn’t make it to the festival then why not grab some of the beers (full list below) and watch the recording now.

The beers in the pack were as follows:

Hope – Summer Seasonal American Pale Ale

Hope – Grunt

Rascals – Froots and the Maytals

Rascals – Happy Days

Ballykilcavan – Bambricks Brown Ale

Ballykilcavan – Raspberry Vice

Lineman – Idle

Lineman – Vesper

Hopfully – Graciosa

Wicklow – Hopknut

Blacks of Kinsale – Ace of Haze

Dead Centre – LimiDEAD Edition Glitter Pale Ale