After the massive success of the past two Virtual Beer Festivals, Craic was back with a vengeance! At the festival, we hosted Wicklow Wolf, Yellowbelly, Dead Centre, The White Hag, Boundary, Stone Barrel, Third Circle and Third Barrel, all while enjoying their beers. We also had the fantastic accredited beer sommelier Francesca Slattery join us to open up proceedings!

If you couldn’t make it to the festival then why not grab some of the beers (full list below) and watch the recording now.

The beers in the pack were as follows:

Wicklow Wolf – Elevation

Wicklow Wolf – Eden

The White Hag – Glás Milkshake IPA

The White Hag – Phantom

Dead Centre – Heart of Glass

Boundary – Imbongo

Boundary – Export Stout

Yellowbelly – Pirate Bay

Yellowbelly – Castaway

Third Barrel – Shut Up Juice IPA

Third Circle – Unsocial Creatures Saison

Stone Barrel – Hop Art