After taking a brief hiatus, we came Back 4 Craic! Throughout a short break, we had some time to think. Too much time, one might say… A thought sprung to mind that couldn’t quite be shaken. Cans are getting serious notions, aren’t they? Yeah, we think so too. So for this festival we decided to celebrate some of the incredible bottled beers being brewed on our beautiful island! An all-bottle virtual beer festival, what could possibly go wrong?

At the festival, we welcomed Brehon Brewhouse, Black Donkey, Heaney, Mescan, Treaty City, Reel Deel and Beoir Chorca Dhuibhne (West Kerry Brewery), all while enjoying their delicious beers. We featured 11 different beer styles throughout the festival!

If you couldn’t make it to the festival then why not grab some of the beers (full list below) and watch the recording now.

The beers in the pack were as follows:

Brehon – Crann Beatha 10% (Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)

Brehon – Red Right Hand 11% (Barrel Aged Barley Wine)

West Kerry – Antipodean IPA 6%

Heaney – Red Ale 4.5%

Heaney – Pale Ale 5%

Treaty City – Red IPA 5.5%

Mescan – Westport Blond 5.5%

Mescan – Carnal Knowledge 7.1% (Wheat Tripel)

Black Donkey – Roam Free 5% (Saison)

Black Donkey – Sheep Stealer 5.5% (Saison)

Reel Deel – Recon2 6.2% (Barrel Aged Brown Ale)

Reel Deel – Say Nowt 4.8% (Stout)