Category: 03 March 2020

The Format: Cashmere Thoughts

Cashmere Thoughts to take our thoughts away. This is a super fresh and tasty New England Double IPA, which uses Cashmere and Azacca hops. This extremely limited beer from is available exclusively at Craft Central. Pick it up while you can!

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The White Hag: Phantom

This is a golden, hazy and sessionable IPA, with a soft, juicy mouthfeel. Big citrus and fruity top notes accentuated by piney, dank undertones. The intentional haze is caused by withholding the finings in the kettle, allowing the proteins to remain in suspension, ultimately binding with the hop oils to deliver the freshest, hoppiest flavour possible.

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Larkin’s: Lore Barrel Aged

An old beer style in a modern word. A deeply bready warming beer to begin with, but after 10 months in freshly emptied rye whiskey barrels, Lore has taken on the wonderful soft notes from the oak and whiskey. Enjoy this very special limited edition.

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Lineman: Torrent

Torrent is a silky smooth, full bodied, all-malt porter. Made with pale, roast and caramel malts, you can expect some chocolate, coffee and dried fruit with a little spiciness from the hops. The result is a balanced and satisfying porter.

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