Brewery: Dot Brew

Beer Name: Just a Minute

Style: Barrel Aged Pale Ale

ABV: 8.6%

Description: It took a minute, and is super limited! A great start to spring. Incredibly light & easy drinking for 8.6%. Tell me it doesn’t drink like a 4% beer!? This blend is the finest marriage between barrel aged pale ale & lager. Aged for between 6 – 9 months in an array of white rum / bourbon & single malt this easy drink delicate, hints of marzipan / floral aromas / bright crisp & super refreshing.

A bright fruity barrel aged pale ale aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels. This was then blended with a lager aged in French Oak third fill white wine for 9 months.

Availability: Limited

Distributed by: Four Corners

Shut up and take my money (correct at time of posting):

Craft Central

Mace SCR Off-Licence

Martin’s Off-Licence

Molloy’s Liquor Stores

Blackrock Cellar

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Photo credit: Dot Brew