Brewery: Hope Beer

Beer Name: 1516 Unfiltered Lager

Style: Lager

ABV: 4.6%


Our limited edition 1516 is a crisp refreshing German style lager. The name 1516 is in reference to the Rheinheitsgebot law was introduced in Bavaria in 1516 and to this day, still dictates how a German beer must be brewed.

We used only German malts and hops to create a malty sweet beer with a clean finish, ideal for long summer evenings. German Pilsner malt from one of Germany’s foremost maltings, along with the crystal malt “carared” gives this beer an amber appearance. The classic lager hops Hallertauer and Saaz are also in use, but the sweet, biscuit malt body dominates. The classic German lager yeast we use originates from the oldest brewery in the world.

Availability: Limited

Distributed by: Hope Beer

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Mace SCR Off-Licence

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Photo credit: Hope Beer