Brewery: Hope Beer & Brewdog Dublin

Beer Name: Limited No. 19 American Pale Ale

Style: American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.7%


Limited Edition 19 is a collaboration between Brewdog Outpost Dublin and Hope Beer. Brewdog’s Patrick Gallagher and Hope’s Richie Hamilton originally conceived this to be a keg-only beer but you know why that didn’t happen. It represents Brewdog Dublin’s first collaboration.

With this beer we wanted something that was a throwback to the classic west coast US IPAs of the early 2000’s, but with the alcohol dialled down a little so that this could still be enjoyed in a large glass. We matched a simple bill of Irish malt from the south coast with some classic “C” hops from the pacific northwest. It’s a pretty simple and well tested combination. We kept the yeast neutral so as to allow the hops to shine. There’s just enough crystal sweetness in the malt body to match the bitterness and resin of the hops. Centennial and Citra do all the heavy lifting here; both hops are known for their intense grapefruit flavour and aroma. As is fitting with a classic west coast IPA, the bitterness is a little higher than the more fruity sweet IPAs that are currently in vogue. The hop flavours that are present are a mixture of citrus, pine, and resin. Our collaboration is heavily dry hopped, so the aroma is also intense, again that classic mix of citrus and pine.

Combines well with fried chicken wings, spicy Mexican food, BBQ and even apple and cinnamon tart.

Availability: Limited

Distributed by: Hope Beer

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Mace SCR Off-Licence

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Photo credit: Hope Beer